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Underdark Gaming League (UGL)

Underdark Gaming League (UGL) is a community focused gaming platform offering the world of eSports leagues for amateur or semi-pro players. Sign up for free, choose your game, create or join a team, then play to win cash, goodies & bragging rights!

Founded by Blair Ruddock in 2010 as a twitch community built around the concept of smaller streamers helping to promote each-other and their content. This staple concept is the main-stay of what you see today. With the evolution of eSports at an all time high globally, so did the UGL evolve into being a base for all players & teams to compete in a crow-funded prize pool league, where the community itself and the league work in tandem to promote ans support each-other.


Date:  June, 12, 2020
Client: B. Ruddock

Category: Web Development / Branding / Graphics